Our Standards

Our Standards

Janckila Construction operates according to Ken's personal standards.  Since 1978, when Ken entered the construction industry, his standards for building homes and relationships haven’t changed, which accounts for the ever-expanding list of clients served. The Janckila Construction building process is comprehensive, yet simplistic. The client’s unique goals for the project come first – every step of the way.

The Client

Each building project is unique. For this reason, there is only one standard – client satisfaction. Initially, we seek to understand the client goals, building specifications, architectural elements and timeline for completion.

The Planning

Prior to commencement of construction, the client feels at ease that proper consideration is being given to all aspects of the project. This is accomplished through demonstration of professionalism, as we document and consider peripheral issues critical to project success (e.g. environmental concerns, safety, financial, municipal requirements). Janckila Construction also establishes communication with the project collaborators, schedules the labor resources and assesses material procurement needs.

The Construction

In the construction phase, the client vision is created. Quality and client communication are standard; however, it's the dedicated craftsmanship, detailed project management and flexibility that truly distinguish the Janckila Construction experience. 

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