Green Construction

Sustainable Building By Janckila Construction

We are committed to higher building standards.  When our clients want to go beyond the conventions of size and quality, we incorporate features to reduce environmental impact.

Environmental Design

The architectural elements of your home can be beautiful and environmentally friendly. Natural sunlight and the earth's heat provide sustainable energy sources.  Standards such as LEED certification will score the project's landscaping, heating and cooling systems, water usage and electricity consumption.  Control systems are designed to efficiently source and use energy.   

Building Material Selection

During the concept phase we evaluate opportunities to source green building materials. The abundance, properties and proximity of building materials all contribute to sustainability.  Low VOC finishes, structurally engineered lumber and low emission glass may be great, eco-friendly alternatives for your home.

Knowledgable Construction Staff

Our skilled staff and expert local subcontractors have experience implementing solar electic panels and thermal heating systems, landscaping with drought resistant plants and efficient irrigation, and installing energy-rated appliances and fixtures.

See how JCI can meet your standards for building a Healthy Home.

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