Healthy Homes

Healthy Homes by Janckila Construction

We build a home to enhance your well-being.  We create healthier living by reducing the toxic load and modifying finishing materials to suit your personal health considerations.

Professional Health Advisors

Medical doctors monitor your health and alternative health consultants pinpoint environmental concerns in your home.  But does your builder understand these needs?  At JCI, we have the expertise to select appropriate materials based on your expert advisor's recommendations.  

Experienced Construction Managers

If your medical doctor must approve decor and finishing elements, we schedule material procurement and installation accordingly.  If there are concerns such as asthma, gaseous contaminant sensitivities, allergic reactions and chlorine filtration, we take all necessary precautions.  

Knowledgeable Staff

Remodeling can reveal unacceptable construction materials and building methods. We reconstruct each healthy living space by: removing toxic materials, ventilating the building envelope, filtering air and water systems  and separating harmful elements from living space. 

See how JCI can meet your standards for Green Building.

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